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Eterspire News & Updates
Monetization Changes (1.41.2) 2022-01-15

We've been talking a lot with Tejo and we'll be introducing some monetization changes to the game. But fear not! Few things are about to change and it's all in favour of the players.

While we've been trying to monetize Eterspire under a membership subscription model, that is, play for free, subscribe to access extra content, it's also true that we currently don't have the manpower required to both grow the game for our general audience while adding enough members-only content that justifies paying for a monthly membership.

So, effective immediately, Eterspire will be free for everybody. There won't be any members-only maps, nor quests, and most items that were members-only will become usable by free players. We are re-introducing the Eterspire Patreon, so you can support the game if you feel like it. There are multiple patron tiers and some even include physical perks, such as stickers. Also, supporters get a badge next to their name, depending on their patron tier, a unique monthly cosmetic item, access to the shiny equipment, more emotes, the ability to re-customize their character, a role on the Discord Server and access to an exclusive chat channel. You can check the details here.

If you are currently a member, you don't have to do anything. You'll become a supporter and gain all supporter benefits automatically.

Also, we'd like to state that this change doesn't mean we won't re-introduce membership plans in the future when we have enough manpower to develop content for all player groups. But it doesn't mean we will either.

If you have any concerns, please ping Lartu or Tejo on Discord, we are available to discuss anything you'd like.

If you are a supporter, you can talk to Lady Emelyn in Stonehollow to get your first monthly item. Also, Gervasius will be more than happy to help you update your looks.


  • The game is now free for everybody.
  • You can support us on Patreon for some cosmetic benefits and physical perks.
  • Existing members are now supporters. No action from your part is required.
  • If you are a supporter, talk to Lady Emelyn in Stonehollow to get your first monthly item.
  • If you are a supporter, Gervasius in Stonehollow can re-customize your appearance.
  • If you have any concerns, contact Lartu or Tejo on Discord.

Thank you very much for understanding!

First update of the year! (1.41.0) 2022-01-10

New Features:

  • Caliburnus, the ghost that oversees the Firefly Forest from the Abandoned Mill, has lost his crows. He might have a quest for adventurers willing to help him!
  • We've added a Quest List so you can see what quests you've completed and what quests you haven't. If you click a quest you haven't started, the game will tell you where it can be started and its requirements.
  • We've added an Emotes menu, so you can express yourself by dancing, laughing, clapping and more!
  • You can now gain experience from questing if you are at the level cap.
  • Maps are no longer plot-blocked. You can freely explore the world now!
  • Christmas is over in Eterspire.
  • Members now have a badge displayed next to their name.

Bug Fixes:

  • The fog in the login screen wasn't rendering right.

Other News:

  • The drop chance of most items has been reduced, as it had been increased too much in the last update.
  • If you die before reaching Stonehollow, you'll respawn on Tarrasaga's Bridge, and not in Stonehollow.
  • We've automated the way we deploy the game, to make deploys faster and smoother for everybody.
  • Your character's face changes when you die now.

We have been resting and spending time with our families during the holidays, and we've now come back with renewed energy, ready to make this an amazing year for the game. We've got a ton of ideas and plans for Eterspire, so stay tuned, as the best is yet to come!

Also, today we hit the 1000 registered users mark! Woah! Thanks to you all for being here!

Character Creation Bugfix (1.40.2) 2021-12-22

The camera should work properly in the character creation screen now.

If you created your character using the broken character creation screen and didn't get to choose their appearance, please contact us via Discord so we can fix it.