What is Eterspire Beta II?

Eterspire Beta II is the second iteration of the Eterspire MMORPG. With over a thousand accounts created, we decided to take Eterspire to the next level in this new version. Using a completely reworked engine, Eterspire Beta II will contain numerous quests, areas to explore, enemies to fight and treasure to find! We are developing Beta II with the Eterspire comunity in mind and we are sure Eterspire veterans and new players will love it alike!

When will Eterspire Beta II be released?

Developing a game takes time, and developing an MMORPG much more so! We have decided to close Eterspire Beta I for now to allocate resources for the new game, but don't worry, Eterspire Beta II will be around soon! We are hoping for a release in late July 2021, but that date might be delayed or moved forward depending on our overall progress. If you want to follow the development of Eterspire Beta II, you can follow Lartu on Twitter, join the Eterspire Subreddit or the Eterspire Discord Server. You can also still use the Eterspire Forums to get in touch with us.

Will Eterspire remain free after Beta II is released?

Yes! Eterspire will still be a free game after Beta II is released. However, this time around we want to focus on Eterspire as much as possible, so we'll open a membership program called Eterspire Knights (or just Knights, for short) to help fund and support the development of the game - more Knights means we can spend more time working on making content for the game and, thus, more game for you! Knights will receive a free, unique item each month, will have access to more areas, more quests, more enemies, be able to vote and shape the future of Eterspire and probably much more! Of course, free players will get a lot of free content too: we want everybody to have an amazing experience whether they join the Knighthood or not.

What will happen to my Beta I account?

Sadly, you'll lose some of your progress in the transition to Beta II. Eterspire Beta II features rebalanced combat and a new stats system, so transfering your level and experience from the old version is impossible. You'll be able to retain your character and account - but don't worry: we'll reward veteran players in some way!

I want some screenshots!

We'd love to show you screenshots of the game but, unfortunately, we are still working on the Eterspire Beta II engine and we don't have much to show other than a test scene we use to test everything's working as it should. Once that's over (mid May 2021) we'll start creating the actual game content and uploading screenshots everywhere - even here! Check the social media sites above to see the current state of the game.