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Eterspire News & Updates
Eterspire Subscriptions 2021-09-25

As we've been talking, we needed a consistent and predictable way to monetize the game. We've been over this, but we deceided to monetize the game via a subscription model, that we feel is fairer for everyone.

So, starting today, you can subscribe to Eterspire, monthly, to access the game. All subscribers are the same, there are no benefits for anybody. In this regard, Gervasius the Valiant will no longer give out capes based on your Patreon Tier, but on your character's level.

Subscription is 7.99 USD per month. You can subscribe via PayPal or via Patreon. Higher Patreon Tiers (15 USD and 25 USD) come with certain physical perks, but in-game benefits are the same as any other tier.

Existing subscribers and patrons can keep their subscription at their current prince. You don't have to do anything.

New players are automatically given a free one-month trial of the game. Current players have been given three months of free membership as a way of thanking them for being with us all this time.

We believe this changes are for the better, as they will allow us to dedicate more and more time to the development of the game. We hope you feel that way too! See you around!


  • You shouldn't get stat points after level 500 anymore.

In other news:

  • We've redesigned the battleaxe model.
Pay to play and rebalance 2021-09-24

(This announcement was made on the Discord Server a few days ago, I'm copying it here for completeness.)

Hello everyone. There’s two things that we’d like to announce.

There have been two things we’ve been talking about for the past weeks, both the in-game level rebalance and the new monetization schemes. We’d like to address both things in this statement.

First, the monetization. At first we thought that making the game free for everyone with an optional contribution or support via Patreon would make sense. That way, everybody would be able to experience the entire game. However, after giving it a second, deeper thought; after looking at our metrics, player numbers and so, we came to the realization that this monetization method will probably not be able to provide us with the income we need to be able to work full time on the project, that is our ulterior objective. We’d like to spend all our time making Eterspire expand and grow, and this –obviously– requires money. We’ve been almost working a second full-time job developing this game and, while we love doing so, in the long run it will certainly not possible to sustain this rate of work without Eterspire being able to pay for itself and for our time. While we still think that having optional patrons is noble and wonderful, there’s no real incentive for the average player to pay for the game, and so, any income will be provided only by a small percentage of the player base, composed mostly of very enthusiastic people that love the game and are willing to pay, even though there are no in-game benefits for them (thank you so much to you, our current patrons!).

In any case, this way of monetizing the game has some issues. Of course, the first one is that the number of paying players will be a minimal subset of the playerbase. This is reflected on a higher cost-per-player for us, as free players still consume bandwidth, server time, etc. But also, any situations that could lead to a patron to stop paying end up being a big hit for us, as we depend on our patrons good will, and sometimes that is not a hundred percent correlated to the effort we are putting into the game.

Regarding the specifics of the new monetization system, we will –at least for now– keep the 3 patron tiers we have. You guys originally signed up for that and we will honor it. Higher tier patrons will still receive the physical perks associated with their tiers, even though me might discontinue the tiers for new paying players in the future. Players that have signed up for the $5 tier will also have the price honored for as long as they remain patrons. For new players, the monthly fee for the game will be set to $7.99 (USD) per month. We are aiming at around 300 patrons, as this will allow us to start seriously approaching our objective of being able to dedicate our full time to the project. In-game, every player will have the same benefits.

The trial period for free players will consist on a one month trial. Current players will be given three free months for having participated in the technical beta. Also, and please, PLEASE pay attention to this: we don’t want any of you leaving. This is such a sweet community and we’d hate to see any of you leave because of monetary reasons. If you can afford to pay the monthly fee, that’d be more than amazing, because you’d be helping us make the game better for everybody. However, if you can’t pay, for any reason, reach out to any of us and we’ll figure something out. We want to make sure this change doesn’t break our community apart in any way.

Concerning the level rebalance, Tejo’s been working hard on the new experience curve, modifying mobs and drops and making everything more enjoyable and cohesive. He’s making sure new weapons feel better and that there’s a higher difference between different weapons of the same tier. The new rebalance update will be released on October 4th. The top 10 players in the highscores at 00:00:00 GMT-3 on October 4th will have their names engraved in honorific plaques in-game. All other players who have partaken in the technical beta will receive a commemorative cape and probably some other goodie. The current tech-beta highscores will also be kept on the website for posterity! As we would like you to test the new balance we’ve been working on, we’d like to reset your levels –but not your items– back to level 1. We will put this to vote, though. We’ll release a poll in the coming days so you can tell us what you think. If the level-reset were not to happen, we’ll update your levels to match the new experience curve.

(You can find the aforementioned poll here.)

Busy Week 2021-09-23

It's been such a busy week! Tejo and I have been preparing exams, so this update doesn't contain all that we would've liked it to contain. But anyway, some progress has been done! Also, I'll note here some updates that have been added over the course of the week that hadn't been showcased.

New Content:

  • Tarrasaga and the Shadow People have been spotted near the Stonehollow Mill. Apparently, this is a temporary thing.
  • Molly the Banker in Stonehollow will now store up to 288 items. You can also now deposit and withdraw many items at once.
  • Most areas now have maps in them.
  • Added Moose Meat and Bear Meat.

Bug Fixes:

  • The colliders for the Snow Hills bridge have been modified, so mobs don't get stuck in it.
  • You shouldn't be able to interface juggle anymore.
  • You should now be able to escape from combat immediately.
  • In some situations, lag, desyncs and other ways of disconnection wouldn't send you back to the login screen. This has been fixed.
  • Some typos have been fixed.
  • Performance spikes when using the inventory should now be fixed.
  • The performance of the Cursed Wolf Mountain should now be fixed.
  • You shouldn't randomly stop cooking, fishing or woodcutting anymore.
  • Items now show their debuffs properly.
  • You shouldn't be able to talk to NPCs you can't see anymore.
  • Katalyn won't sell you anything anymore before you get her her dagger back.

In other news:

  • Sam the Sailor has fishing rods in stock. He's also increased the price of the sea-bug cage.
  • The mob aggro range has been decreased, so you won't be chased by enemies that you can't see.
  • The Drop button will change to Drop... when selecting a stackable item.
  • Mobs no longer insta-heal when out of combat.
  • The number of wild animals in the Cursed Wolf Mountain has been reduced.
  • Wild Boars don't seem so aggressive anymore.
  • Foxes have been spotted near the Snowy Hills bridge.
  • You can now press escape to cancel text entry in the chatbox.
  • The chat distance has been increased.
  • The compass now rotates differently.
  • The beast of the Cursed Wolf Mountain has been nerfed.
  • Bear Meat now heals 160 instead of 120.
Snow Update 2021-09-16

Last week's poll winner is a frozen land – a land where the wind rages, the snow falls and the only way to warm a chilly adventurer up is to give them a cup of tasty hot chocolate!

New Content:

  • Two new maps: a second Showy Hills section and the Cursed Wolf Mountain! We've also introduced many new mobs, NPCs and places for your two discover!
  • Two new armour sets: Onyx and Lypriptite.
  • A new legendary weapon and shield to find!
  • Mobs now heal when not in combat.

Bug Fixes:

  • Capes no longer turn to dust before being deposited in your bank.
  • We've fixed an XSS vulnerability on the signup page. Thanks Chippy for your help!
  • The server now confirms every attack and interaction in order to mitigate speed cheats.
  • You can no longer mash-click an opponent to steal its aggro from other players.
  • You can no longer attack an enemy with another player if you both attack it at the same time.
  • Initiating an interaction and clicking outside of it no longer resets it, mitigating macroers.
  • Old Guswacha now unequips your items properly after a stat reset treatment.
  • Mobs no longer get into houses or warps.
  • You can no longer keep interfaces such as banks or shops open while doing other activities.
  • Fixed a bug that kept background sound effects playing in maps that shouldn't have them.
  • The response range for NPCs has been reduced.
  • The game client should no longer desync. This has been tested as thoroughly as possible, but it might still happen in some unknown situations.
  • Mobs' health bars should no longer disappear while in combat with two or more foes.
  • While we weren't able to reproduce this, we believe invisible people should be no more.
  • Health regen outside of combat wasn't working for some players. It should now.

In other news:

  • Golden Greaves and Gauntlets are now more golden.
  • Ex-patrons will lose their patron capes upon login.
  • We've added a fadeout transition for music and BFX between maps.
  • The camera can now be lowered down to the floor.
  • We've removed the message censorship system, as it was largely broken.
  • We've improved the way maps are loaded and cached, so map transition should be much faster.
Bugfixes, Mob Healing and Patron Capes 2021-09-10

Hello there! This week we've been on maintenance mode because the server has been working funny, so the number of updates brought to the table is a little smaller than we would've wanted. But don't worry, juicier content is under development!

New Content:

  • Patron Capes! We've introduced capes to the game as a way of thanking our patrons for supporting the game. There are Adventurer's Capes, Hero's Capes and Legend's Capes, one for every Patreon tier. Ask Gervasius the Valiant in Stonehollow for yours!
  • Equipable items in your inventory now display their bonuses and how these would affect your current stats when equipped, along with the prerequisites to equip them.
  • Mobs now heal when not in combat.

Bug Fixes:

  • Eels no longer classify as catfish when eating them.
  • Guswacha won't change the price of her stat point reset treatment mid-conversation.
  • The level required to cut some types of trees and the experience given by doing so has been fixed.
  • Coins and items with no sell value can no longer be transmogrified.
  • You can no longer sell an item with no value and end up with a stack of 0 coins.
  • Fixed some typos.

In other news:

  • Now you can walk away from NPCs some distance before they stop talking to you.
  • You can no longer sell equipped items before unequipping them first to avoid selling your armour.
  • Stonehollow has been redecorated a bit.
  • We've added Patreon and Discord buttons to the game client.
Eterspire Patreon 2021-09-07

Hi there everybody! We've opened a Patreon account to help us maintain the game. At first we considered alternate monetization options such as cosmetic micro-transactions or monthly memberships, but then we thought about the possibility of keeping the game open and free for everybody and sustaining it via voluntary donations on Patreon.

We are enjoying making this game very much, we are super, super happy you like it too, and we'd love to focus as much time on it as possible. We both have daily jobs and we also spend a part of the day studying, so the time left for Eterspire is not as much as we'd like it to be. If, by some point in the future, we could maintain ourselves off Eterspire, we could spend our full time making it grow and filling it with new, exciting content. So that's what the Patreon is here for. Also, of course, running the game has some costs adjacent to it –servers, domains, database services, etc.–, so any contribution will go towards that.

Thank you, very, very, very much if you are able to contribute in any way! If you are not, worry not, the game is still free, it's still open (and we hope we can keep it this way forever!), and just playing it is already a lot and we are grateful you are here.

This also means we've removed all ads from the Eterspire website.

See you around!

– Lartu & Tejo

New Weapon Models, Highscores and More 2021-09-06

We are releasing this update sooner than planned to fix some issues that were found during the last days. As such, it's a smaller update, half an update if you will. The other half will be released this Thursday, as usual, but we didn't want to wait any longer to solve things that had to be solved.

New Content:

  • We've re-added the Highscores for Beta II! You can find them in the sidebar on the left of this page.
  • Old Guswacha can now reset your stat points, for a fee, provided you have helped her with her potion.
  • Mobs are no longer aggressive when you are above double their level.
  • The level cap has been removed. Bear in mind, though, that once you reach level 500 you'll stop receiving stat points.

Bug Fixes:

  • Hare, the glitchy Rock Crab, has been removed.
  • The Ice Warrior standing in the Snowy Hills lake has been removed.
  • Collision detection in the Snowy Hills lake has been fixed.
  • Ice Warriors have been reintroduced to the Snowy Hills after having been removed by mistake some updates ago.
  • Transmogrifying items with no sell value, such as coins, will now yeld at least 1 EXP.
  • Mobs now despawn properly after leaving and re-entering an area.
  • Middle-clicking to rotate the camera should no longer scroll the page.
  • Fixed the bug that forced you to wait 10 minutes to reconnect to the server if you closed the game tab without logging off.

In other news:

  • Most weapons have been graphically overhauled.
  • The Snowy Hills have been graphically updated a little.
  • Added a level up animation.
  • The Golden Gauntlets and Golden Greaves have been redesigned to make them different to their Sunstone counterparts.
  • Items now take 3 minutes to despawn instead of 2.
  • The main Eterspire website now supports HTTPS connections.
  • Eels now heal 80 HP instead of 50.
  • The Bone equipment has been rebalanced a little because it overlapped with the Meteor items. The Bone Shield now provides 11 DEF (previously it was 12), and the Bone Shield (S) now provides 13 Defense (previously, 15). Keep in mind that the Meteor Tower Shield provides 12 DEF and the Meteor Kite Shield 14. The Bone Sword now has a Max Damage of 85, and the Bone Sword (S), 95. Down from 90 and 100, respectively. Keep in mid that Meteor weapons have a Max Damage of 100.
Swamp Update 2021-09-04

A foggy swamp, a hoarder goblin, new equipment sets and more gather together for this week's content update! We would've liked to release this yesterday, but due to personal reasons we had to delay it until today. But don't worry, we've used the extra time to add even more new features to the game!

New Content:

  • A new quest: Save Smellyfeet's Face. Katalyn, the warrior, has lost her favourite dagger. Smellyfeet, the goblin, is about to have his behind handed to him. What a pickle! Can you help them solve their differences before things get rough?
  • A new zone: the Stonehollow Swamp. Past the Stonehollow Woods, a foggy swamp full of monsters, loot and adventure awaits!
  • A new armour set for level 150 players, along with new weapons and equipment.
  • Molly Banks, the banker, has opened a shop full of expensive, golden stuff to showcase your wealth.
  • Slug fishing and cooking, along with eels, for those of you who enjoy outdoor activities.
  • We've added some emotes. Enter /dance, /sit, /jump or /battlecry to express yourself!
  • The level cap has been raised from 160 to 200.
  • Some NPCs are now animated.

Bug Fixes:

  • In certain places and situations, particularly when entering the Rock Crab Cave, aggressive monsters would remain passive. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed a situation where the chatbox and its shadow would desynchronize, rendering text hard to read.
  • You can no longer drop a tool and continue doing the action that tool was required for (e.g., fishing without fishing gear).
  • Fixed some fishing spots that weren't working.
  • Mobs can no longer be trapped against walls by walking over them in combat.
  • Corrected some typos.
  • Other minor, behind the scenes fixes.

In other news:

  • We've changed the way you heal. When not in combat, your health will replenish completely in around five minutes. The healing rate is higher the higher your vitality is.
  • Due to popular request, the logout timer has been increased to 10 minutes.
  • You can now press tab to switch between the username and password fields in the game login screen.
  • The amount of experience per item you can get from the transmogrification cauldron has been capped.
  • Some experience values and drops have been rebalanced.