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About Ads and the Eterspire Website

Ads in the Eterspire Website

Nobody likes intrusive advertising. I miss banners, those were good ads. Banners didn't bother me. Remember the ones that promoted multicolor cursors to download? I do. In any case, I hate popups and interstitals and the ways of advertising used nowadays.

Ads, however, provide an income to the owner of the website they are posted on. And ads end up paying the bills for server costs, website costs, domain costs, etc.

I added ads to the Eterspire website because that income will be necessary to keep the game alive if it keeps growing the way it's been growing. Servers cost money, bandwidth costs money, etc.

Please note that Eterspire is not associated in any way with the ads shown on the Eterspire website.

I have added only banner ads, no pop-ups, interstitials or anything that's too bothersome for players and visitors. I don't want to make this an awkward experience for you. There are, at most, two ads per page (two in the news pages, one in every other page including the play page).

I hope this is not too inconvenient for you. Please, if you can, I'd be thankful if you could turn off AdBlock for the Eterspire website. I understand if you don't, but if you did it would really help me!

There are instructions on how to disable AdBlock for a particular domain here.

If you have any doubts or concerns, please direct them to the forums. Thank you very much!