Support Eterspire

Goals and Supporter Benefits

Our current economic goal is $ (USD) per month.
You can check on the sidebar how far we are from reaching this goal.
The meter is updated once every four hours.

We (Lartu & Tejo, the Eterspire devs) both work full-time jobs. We are also in college. These activities don't leave us with as much time as we'd want to work on the game.

If we reach the goal above, we'll be able to quit our daily jobs and work full-time on Eterspire. This would speed up the development of the game considerably, allowing us to release updates more often, thus making it bigger and better faster.

Please consider supporting the game if you can!

Also, while free players have access to most things Eterspire has to offer, becoming a supporter also grants you:

  • Access to Shiny Equipment items.
  • A special badge next to your name.
  • Access to the Adventurer's Guild channel on Discord.
  • The ability to re-customize your character's appearance.
  • One unique cosmetic item per month.

Some of the higher patron tiers even include physical perks such as stickers! Supporters help us keep the servers running and dedicate more time to the game. If you enjoy Eterspire and would like to see it grow, please consider supporting us!

Thank you!