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Getting Started: Eterspire Manual

Welcome to Stonehollow

Welcome to the island of Stonehollow, adventurer. This island hosts the Spire, a massive tower of heights unknown, full of fortune and beasts ready to tear you apart. Who built it? Nobody knows. The magical tower has been there since the dawn of history, but that hasn't stopped treasure hunters from all over the world from venturing into its dark corridors. Yet that's not news for you, is it? For if it was, you wouldn't be here in the first place...

Welcome to Eterspire, a free multiplayer online role playing game. In Eterspire, you take on the role of an adventurer in Stonehollow and it's surrounding islands. Here you may find treasure, battle monsters, explore and make friends. But before you do that, you must know how to play the game!


  1. Signing Up
  2. The Eterspire User Interface
  3. Moving Around
  4. Interacting with Other Players
  5. Interacting with NPCs (Non-Player Characters)
  6. Combat
  7. Items
Signing Up

In order to be able to play Eterspire, you'll first need to create yourself a character. This character will be your avatar in the world of Eterspire.

To create a character, go to the Play Page, wait for the game to load and select New Account from the Eterspire main menu screen.

Here you will be able to customize your character. This will be the base look of your character when no other armour is equipped. You cannot change this later, so be sure, very sure that you like what you are picking!

Next you'll have to pick your name. Other players will know you by the name you give this character, so be sure to pick a name that you like. Bear in mind that you won't be able to change this name later. Also, names must be unique, so if other player has already picked your name, you'll have to choose another one. Enter a password to keep your account safe and reenter it below to make sure you entered it right the first time. Do not tell this password to anybody, ever!

Click Sign Up to complete the character creation process. You'll be taken back to the Eterspire main menu to log into the game with the character name and password you've just chosen. Welcome to the world of Eterspire!

The Eterspire User Interface

There are a few buttons and indicators on your screen that you might want to pay attention to. On the top-left you have your Stats. These will be explained in the Combat section below. On the bottom-left you have the Chatbox. You can use this box of text to chat with other players.

On the top-right you have the clock and the compass. The clock tells (of course) the time of the day. The compass shows what direction the camera is looking at.

On the bottom-right you have the Action Buttons. Most of these buttons will be explained in the following sections, but we'll explain a few here. The Quality button can be used to lower the graphics of the game. If the game feels choppy or unresponsive on your computer try pressing this! The Screen Size button can be used to change the size of the Eterspire client window. A bigger window requires more horsepower, though. If the game doesn't feel right on your computer, try reducing the size of the window. Finally, the Logout button can be used to disconnect from the Eterspire server. Always log out using this button to make sure all your progress is correctly saved!

Moving Around

The world of Eterspire is full of places to explore, so knowing how to move around will prove most useful! Eterspire uses the WASD keys for moving your character. You can use the Left Mouse Button, q, e and the arrow keys to rotate the camera. When you press W your character will walk towards where the camera is facing. You can use the Right Mouse Button to rotate the camera and your character at the same time when standing still. You can use this to change the direction your character is facing without having to move an inch!

You can also press Space to jump.

Interacting with Other Players

You can press Enter on your keyboard to select the chatbox. Here you can write a message for your character to say outloud so other players can hear you. Remember to be nice and to always follow the Eterspire Rules.

Press Enter again to send the message or Esc to cancel and de-select the chatbox.

You can use the emote buttons (shown below) to perform various emotes such as sitting and dancing.

Interacting with NPCs (Non-Player Characters)

Various NPCs inhabit the realms of Eterspire. You can recognize an NPC by the speech bubble floating above its head. NPCs can give you useful advice and they also provide you with other services such as fixing your equipment, healing you or selling you items.

To interact with an NPC move close to it until its speech bubble turns green. And then talk like you would with any other player! Try, for example, saying hi.


Beasts roam the lands of Eterspire. You can attack them for loot! Attack with the weapon you have equipped using the 1, z or ctrl keys. Your character will attack towards the direction it's facing. Keep the button pressed to keep attacking.

When you battle a foe, you'll take turns dealing damage at eachother. The result of each attack is displayed in the chatbox. Orange messages mean damage has been dealt, while blue messages indicate that the attack has been blocked.

When you defeat an enemy it may drop items.

On the top-left corner of the screen you can find your stats: your character's name, your level, your remaining and total hitpoints (the red bar) and your current experience points and the amount of experience points required to level up (the blue bar).

Pay attention to the hitpoints (HP) bar. When your HP hits 0 you will die and respawn at the nearest respawn pillar. When you die, you lose 5% of your current experience (up to 5000 exp). You cannot, however, lose any levels you have already gained.

When you deal a successful hit, you gain experience. When you reach the required amount of experience points to level up, you gain a level. Leveling up will make you stronger and allow you to equip more items, such as better armour and weapons.

Your HP replenishes over time. When sitting, you regain HP faster.

One more thing: you can also attack other players (this is called PvP or Player versus Player combat), but only in the Dark Moors Island.


Items are objects that you carry around in your inventory. There are many types of items: armour, shields, weapons, potions, currencies and junk items. You can open your inventory with the inventory button, pictured below.

When your inventory is open you cannot move or chat. Your inventory contains a grid displaying all of your items. Items with a blue tint are equipped. You can click on an item to display all the ways you can interact with it, along with some information about the item.

Equipped items suffer damage when you use them for combat. Your armour is damaged when you get hit and your weapons when you hit an enemy. Being damaged decreases an item's durability. When an item's durability reaches 0, it breaks. Broken items don't provide any bonuses until they are fixed (you can take them to a Gear Fixer, who will fix them for a small sum of coins).

Items dropped on the floor can be picked up by clicking on them. Items look like a yellow ball of smoke when on the floor.

Junk Items don't serve any purpose. They can be sold to a Junk Trader for coins. You can use coins to trade with other players, to fix your equipment, to pay for NPC services or to buy items.

You are now ready to jump right into the world of Eterspire. Go to the Play Page and let the adventure begin!

If you have any questions left, ask at the forums.

Have fun!