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Eterspire Development Roadmap

Eterspire Development Roadmap

The game is growing way faster than I would have ever expected, so I believe telling you what to expect from the game in the short to mid term is something that's in order. I generally don't like to talk about upcoming features before releasing them, as things might go wrong and I don't like disappointing players, so take these lists with a grain of salt.

Also, bear in mind that general server / client bugfixing is something that must constantly be done, so some features might be delayed because I'm working on fixing things.

In order, the things that will be added (without counting fixing bugs, excepts the bugs listed here) will probably be:

  1. Add Spire Climber highscores for those who have reached the highest of the Spire heights (this is first because it's almost done).
  2. Prevent the signup from signing up players with abusive names.
  3. Make messages sent when chatting with an NPC not go into the global chat.
  4. A way to report abusive players.
  5. A way to ignore players you don't want chatting with you.
  6. A way to change your password.
  7. A way to add an email to secure your account in case you forget your password.
  8. Add a way to fix all your items at once (not only the equipped ones).
  9. Modify the Spire so not all monsters are "Unchallenging" (in fact, they shouldn't be, but you level up too fast!)
  10. Make Spire floors smaller so they are not so maze-y!
  11. Add new weapons and equipment for high level players.
  12. Add scrolling to the chat.
  13. Add a way to rearrange your inventory.
  14. Fix the bug where people see other players in random levels of the spire when they are not there.
  15. Add more interesting features to Spire floors, such as traps and treasure.

In no particular order and maybe between the things listed there, I will also probably:

  • Add combat sounds.
  • Add combat indicators for damage and blocking.
  • Add health bars above mobs and players.
  • Add shops and NPCs that sell you stuff.
  • Add more valuable junk items for high level players.
  • Rebalance combat to make level impact more on your damage.
  • A crafting / cooking system.
  • Quests
  • Chat Channels (Global / Local / NPCs / Combat)
  • A faster way to consume potions.
  • Autorunning.
  • Add NPC dialogue to the Chatbox.
  • New maps!
  • Add a FAQ section to the website.
  • Spire maps that fill as you explore.
  • Welcome screen with MOTDs, account information and help for new players.
  • Switching between username and password field by clicking Tab.
  • Locally saving username and maybe password.

If you have any doubts, concerns, or new ideas, please direct them to the forums or the subreddit.

(*) I didn't add female characters before because I wanted to release the game as soon as possible to gather feedback and I didn't have enough time to make the female models, sorry. I know this is a priority for many of you and I will add them as soon as possible, along with an option to change the gender of your character.