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Eterspire Development Roadmap

Eterspire Development Roadmap

The game is growing way faster than I would have ever expected, so I believe telling you what to expect from the game in the short to mid term is something that's in order. I generally don't like to talk about upcoming features before releasing them, as things might go wrong and I don't like disappointing the Eterspire players, so I will just list general things that have to be done at some point or another.

Also, bear in mind that general server / client bugfixing is something that must constantly be done, so some features might be delayed because I'm working on fixing things.

Features in these lists are presented in no particular order.

Short Term

  • Mute Music Button
  • Female Characters (*)
  • More Valuable Junk Items for Higher Level Players
  • Add New Equipment
  • Add New Weapons
  • Add Shops and NPCs that sell you stuff
  • Combat Sound Effects
  • Add NPC Dialogue to the Chatbox
  • Scrollable Chatbox
  • Docks
  • Traps in the Spire

Mid to Long Term

  • Chat Channels (Global / Local / NPCs / Combat)
  • New Islands
  • Quests
  • Maps for the Islands
  • Maps for the Spire
  • Crafting System
  • Cooking System
  • Loot Chests in the Spire
  • Mimic Chests in the Spire
  • Hotkeys
  • New Mobs

If you have any doubts, concerns, or new ideas, please direct them to the forums or the subreddit.

(*) I didn't add female characters before because I wanted to release the game as soon as possible to gather feedback and I didn't have enough time to make the female models, sorry. I know this is a priority for many of you and I will add them as soon as possible, along with an option to change the gender of your character.